Waste Cardboard Shredder

Waste Cardboard Shredder

HARDEN supplied good quality waste cardboard shredder for industrial waste cardboard size reduce.

Waste cardboard shredder, model TS5520, the motor power is 15 kw. This model can crush waste cardboard into oblong flakes  with high efficiency, the final size is up to 25*40mm. throughput of this cardboard shredder are 300-700kg/hr. Our waste cardboard shredder can be also applied for shredding carton boxes, books, magazines, etc.

Here is the video show the waste cardboard shredder Model TS5520 working:

We can also offer customized make model for different size require.

If you have no idea, welcome to give us a call to talk about what shredders we make to help you upgrade and process your cardboard waste.

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Here show an other paper shredder (final size is 10*10mm)