Paper and cardboard

Harden shreds paper and cardboard!

Paper and cardboard recovery play an important role in the recycle industrial sector - the more that is recycled, the less wood needs to be introduced into paper production. Shredding paper and cardboard can be both profitable and environmentally friendly.

Harden designs and manufactures plant based on paper and cardboard shredding systems capable of shred capacity up to 10 tons per hour. High torque shear shredding technology ensure a high security particles size for confidential document destruction. Even the most difficult of materials can be process with Harden's durable rotor technology.

Harden shredders are available for all kinds of paper, cardboard tubes, multi-wall corrugated board and even production waste.

Solutions for the processing of:

  • Files and documents
  • IT lists,Design drawings,Cheques
  • Cardboard,Cellulose,Drink carton
  • Labels
  • Mixed paper waste
  • Paper towel,Sanitary towel