Applications of powerful industrial shredders

The challenging of solid waste management and recycling is the high handling and transportation costs due to a high volume to weight ratio. Many types of solid waste can be shred into piece for compacting and shipment with industrial shredders.

HARDEN industrial shredders are engineered for shredding a wide range of solid waste before they are being to shipment, reuse, recycle or go to land fill, etc, thus saving storage space, lower the handling and shipping cost.

Our industrial shredders are widely used in environmental protection organization, supermarket, solid waste recycling center, recycling yard, furniture factory, plastic extrusion granulation plant, biogas plant, shop, etc.

Some common uses for our industrial shredders include:

Plastic Shredders
Wood Shredders
Metal Shredders

Hazardous waste shredders
Tire Shredders
Paper Shredders
E Waste Shredders
RDF Shredders
MSW Shredders
Medical Waste Shredders
Product Destruction Shredders
Bulky Waste Shredders
House Refuse Shredder
White Goods Shredders

Oil Palm Shredders

Other uses for our industrial shredders include:

Drinking plastic bottle shredder
Woven sack shredder
Refrigerator shredder
Big plastic water bottle shredder
Extrusion lump shredder
Wood pallet and plastic film shredder
Waste clothes shredder
Waste paper shredder
Thickness PC board shredder
Woven jumbo bag shredder
Multiple use shredder
Residental waste shredder
Waste plastic film shredder
Large capacity plastic film shredder
EPS shredder
Aerosol cans shredder
Biomass shredder
Wood pallet shredder
Tire shredders
Organic material shredder
Scrap matel shredder
Hard drive shredder
Kraft paper shredder
Oil filters shredder
PU foam shredder
Plastic drum shredder
Fiberglass scrap shredder
Animal shredder
Chemical containers shredder
Plastic shredder
Fiberglass lump shredder
Chemical drums shredder
2in1 EPS shredder
Plastic lump shredder
Medical waste shredder (TS5830)
Waste paper shredder(TS5520)
Waste clothes shredder (TS6120)