Medical Waste Treatment

Shredding and reducing medical waste poses special challenges. Processing must meet stringent regulatory standards for the safe handling of infectious and red bag waste, including precise size reduction to ensure proper sterilization. In addition, the waste is comprised of many different materials, ranging from sharps to textiles, requiring shredders that can effectively process the variety of materials.

We provide slow speed, high torque medical waste shredders, the follow disposal procedure show you how our shredding system work: 1. Feed the bags of medical waste into a autoclave by chain conveyor.—>2. The autoclave system continues to increase pressure and temperature to achieving a temperature of 121°C & pressure of 280kpa. The steam sterilization maintains about 30 minutes to ensure that the medical waste is completely sterilized and meet microbial inactivation 99.9%. —>3.Sterilized waste are fully get out of the autoclave automatically by discharge screw and dumped into chain conveyor, the conveyor feed the waste into a shredder-TD56. After shredding, medical waste become unrecognizable pieces.—>4. The sterilized waste store in the room and cooling down, finally, the shredded & sterilized medical waste will put to landfill.