Oil Plam Shredder

Oil plam are widely grew, such as Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America along the Equator belt. All body of the oil palm is treasure. Bunches of fruit can produce palm oil, empty fruits bunches have plenty of fibre, these fibre can use for biler fuler, stuffing for sofa,  mattess, also use for compost fertilizer. Harden Industries Ltd. prodce shredder which shred empty fruits bunches to the fibre length of 20-100mm.


  • Machine: Oil plam shredder
  • Capacity: From 200kg/hr-10,000kg/hr.
  • Fibre length: 20-100mm
  • Remark: Offer customized make shredder to meet with different requirement.


1.Shred empty fruits bunches

  • A)Use for boiler fuel
  • B)Use for stuffing(fill in sofa, mattess..etc.)
  • C)Use for compost fertilizer

2.Shred oil palm fronds

3.Shred oil palm trunk

4.Shred wood

5.Other biomaterial

Oil Plam Shredder