Metal Shredders

Metal shredder is a metal scrap size reduction machine for crushing metal scrap into smaller pieces. so as to increase the availability ratio of the metal meterials. Shredding can make waste metal into higher grade product in recycling business.

Metal shredder designed by Harden are specially for metal scrap recycling. With the metal shredder you can rough shred your scrap metal or you can make a dense shred of your scrap metal. Mattress wire and bed springs is easy to shred in our industrial metal shredder. You can take this low grade steel and turn this into a higher grade scrap metal.              

Take low grade material such as wheel rims and turn them into a higher grade product.              

This type of junk metal is all over the world. The problem is that it must be shredded or densified for shipment. It must be upgraded by shredding in our metal shredders.

wheel rims scrap
Metal Scraps