Pulper waste shredder

Siedon provide customized design pulper waste shredderto recover steel wire and other waste for use as fuel. We has been concentrating on designing and manufacturing industrial shredder for pulper waste treatment since 1998’s. We have been build this type shredder for 10 years and the first machine we build is still running in client’s site. Siedon’s customized make shredder help customers generate revenue from pulper waste while reducing disposal costs and protecting the environment.

pulper tail recycling

What is “pulper waste”?

The pulper waste is often used together with hydrapulper. It can twist various kinds of light impurities, such as iron wire,  plastic staples, tape, labels and cotton yarn, into a strand rope. The rope will be dragged out of the pulper under the control of the ragger. We also call them as “pulper tail”. It is made up of approximately 45% steel and 55% post consumer waste and must be removed from the pulper. During the pulping process, the waste material winds around the wire, creating a tail-like chain which is highly compressed and extremely tough to shred. For many years, this ragger wire waste material was sent to landfills. With Harden Industries pulper waste recycling systems, this tough material can now be recycled and repurposed.

What is the value of the pulper waste?

  • Recover valuable raw materials – nearly 45% steel content.
  • Generate revenue instead of waste.
  • Residual waste becomes alternative fuel
  • Save landfill space and  reducing storage and transportation/disposal costs.

Benefits Of Pulper Waste Recovery.

Steel Recovery   Alternative Fuel   Reduced disposal
Steel Recover                              Alternative Fuel                          Reduce Dispoal
(~US $:500/ton)                       (~US $:100/ton)                         (~US $:60/ton)