Pulper Ropes

Markets Application:

Paper & Cardboard
Data Destruction
Medical Waste
Hazardous Waste
Pulper Waste
Electrical Waste
Other Waste

Pulper rope

Harden Industries Ltd. provide low speed, high-torque and tailor-made shredding solutions for pulp and paper mill waste processing to recover pulper rope(Ragger wire). With our industrial shredder, paper and paper mills can recycle the valuable waste, such as steel wire, plastic sheets and films. The steel wire can sell directly and the mixed plastic waste can use as fuel.

What is “pulper rope(Ragger wire)”?The Pulper rope(Ragger wire) is used for collecting and removing spinning impurities (such as plastic sheets and films, tapes, wires and the hardly soluble raw material left in the pulper). In the core of the vortex that is generated in the pulper, these impurities are caught by a rope with entwined primary wires and form the so-called “debris rope or tail”. The proportion of the impurities is made up of approximately 45% steel and 55% post consumer waste. Because the pulper rope is so compressed and extremely tough to shred. For many years, this pulper rope waste material was sent to landfills. With Harden Industries pulper ropes recycling systems, this tough material can now be recycled and repurposed.

What is the value of the pulper rope?

•  Recover valuable steel – nearly 45% content.  

•  Generate revenue instead of waste

.•  Residual waste becomes alternative fuel.

•  Save landfill space and reducing storage and transportation/disposal costs.

Siedon’s industrial shredder not only can process pulper rope, but also other waste generate in the manufacturing of pulp and paper mill.

  • Rag rope    
  • Baled corrugated (OCC) or newsprint (ONP)    
  • Pulper waste    
  • General in-plant waste
  • Paper rolls/fiber cores    
  • Wire    
  • Slabs    
  • Pallets    
  • Packaging materials (shrink wrap, banding, etc.)
  • Scrap raw fibers and wood