Plastic Shredders

Management cost (including shipping cost, space cost, handling cost) of waste plastic can be greatly reduced by shredding.

Harden engineer powerful plastic shredders for shredding kinds of plastic waste, such as for granulating and shredding of synthetics materials like water bottles,  injection moulding, blowmolding rotomolding parts, film and extrusion pieces plastic. Our powerful plastic shredders are widely used in Injection molding plant, Blown film plant, Plastic extrusion plant, Plastic recycling plant, etc plastic recycling plant or factory.

So different the plastics as PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU and PET are, so extensive is the range of plastic shredder machines from HARDEN. HARDEN is ready for any task in the shredding and granulating of plastics to provide a customized suitable solution.

If you have no idea, and want to know more about our plastic shredders, maybe you need to give us a call to talk about what plastic shredders we make to help you upgrade and process your plastic waste.

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plastic shred
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