Polystyrene shredder

Expended Polystyrene (EPS foam) is easily recycled, due to its light weight (especially if expended). It is not economical to collect in its original form because the large volume of EPS foam. However, if the waste expended polystyrene goes through an primary and secondary shredding process for reducing the size, they will becomes a recyclable commodity of high value. Harden Industries Ltd. develop a 2in1 polystyrene shredder for this purpose, the 2in1 polystyrene shredder are comprised of primary and scrondary shredding, it can reduce size of  the expended polystyrene up to diameter 5-10mm at one time, this size only make expended polystyrene recycle more easily but also greatly reduce the transport cost. There are many usages of these expended polystyrene  after shredding, for example, expended polystyrene after shred can be used as the building material , such as IFCs(Insulate Concrete Froms) brick, insulation board, IFC house. They also can put into the extruder to mak PS pellets.

Here you can see how the Expended Polystyrene foam Recycling with a EPS foam shredder:

Technical data of expended polystyrene shredder:

parameter of EPS shredder

EPS shredder features:

  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • More environmental protection.
  • Prepared EPS or EPP granulate can be reused in manufacturing new shafped parts.
  • Lower dust generate in the finished milled product.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easily for operate.