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Organic Waste Recycling Line

As organic waste recycling is new, both to us and you. People generate huge loads of organic waste everyday. However, a large proportion of this organic waste like fruits and vegetables, yard waste, plants and flowers can be recycled, After proper treatment wastes can become useful, regaining a new life. If we value our resources and try our best to go recycling, the resources of our earth will not be exhausted.

Organic Waste Recycling Line Functions and Features
1. To separate the useable materials such as metal, plastic, glass, various plastic and paper in the life waste.
2. Compress and pack the soft materials.
3. The organic suitable for composting will be composted for municipal greening.
4. The high calorific value garbage that will not be allowed to reuse is pyrolyzed, so as to be innocuity, at the same time it can be linked to boiler.
5. And to achieve the purpose of energy recycling, the garbage ultimately has relized the innocuity, decrement and resource.
6. We provide the completed turn key line for metal recycling, rubber recycling, glass recycling, plastic recycling and paper recycling.
7. The system adopts blocking design, so it could combine and replace more convenience.

8. More features in this organic waste recycling line are advance in the process route, linkage, high automatization, low production cost, high production quality, low noise and no pollution.

9. We may designed the whole organic waste recycling line according to customers’ requirements.

Organic Waste Recycling Line