Large Quantities Banana Trees Shredder

Biogas can be made from organic materials and make into biological CNG (compressed natural gas) as fuel for taxis and other transport vehicles. Biogas production will largely replace conventional fuels and contribute to sustainable development in China

Organic sources, including municipal sewage sludge, classified organic solid waste, manure, banana bars, fruit processing residues etc. Mainly using modern engineering technology and biotechnology to construct biogas plants that do not constraints from natural environmental conditions. Not only dispoaling waste but also saleing the biogas as an energy commodity. Annual output of a biogas plant can meet more than ten thousand cars fuel requirements.

Banana trees as be an inexpensive and resource-rich biomass is an important raw material in south. The banana stalk transfer to biomass energy can used to drive the car, and be a useful additial energy for nature fuels. Producing biogas with banana trees, the most critical step is to smash the banana trees. The shredder on the market today can only be shredded one or two banana stalk, the efficiency is too low, far kept it from the demand for biogas plants. A solid waste shredder develop by Harden Industries Ltd.  can shredded hundreds of banana trees in one hour, the banana can be shred into pieces size in aprox. 15mm*15mm, so that biogas silo can achieve maximum efficiency.