Landfill Gas To Energy

A reliable, renewable energy resource

More and more solid waste generate accompany with economy develop. They come formresidental 、industrial 、municipal、and commercial production. The most commonly way to disposal these waste is landfilled. Let me introduce landfill.

Reduce the size of solid waste is helpful for decomposing the waste, It will make the process of decompose more efficiently. Commonly, the size reduction facility will be use, such as: single shaft shredder, twin shaft shredder, waste shredder, garbage shredder, etc. The waste can put to the landfill directly after shredding.

Methane gas is naturally created as garbage decomposes in a landfill. The gas is captured and collected through a series of wells that are drilled into the landfill.

The methane gas is transported first to a gas scrubber, which extracts moisture and filters out particulates, and then to a compression facility.

Finally, the gas is used to fuel turbines or engines to produce electricity. For direct-use applications, landfill gas is delivered offite to industrial customers and used as an alternative fuel source.