Fiberglass Scrap Crusher

Fiberglass is widely used due to its high strength to weight ratio, such as building components, vehicle parts, water craft. In the meanwhile, fiberglass scrap is prevalent.Fiberglass scrap is virtually immune to decomposition, overfilling of landfills becomes a very real environmental problem.

Actually, the fiberglass scrap can be recycle in the preferred embodiment, the fiberglass scrap is processed for use in the production of concrete or asphalt construction material. On the process, the fiberglass scrap is shredding, grinding into particle sizes, then combined with the base construction material.

The fiberglass scrap passed through and fiberglass scrap shredder capable of reducing the scrap material to small particle, preferably, the particles have a maximun size of about 6-8mm. Depending upon the nature of the scrap of fiberglass, some preliminary processing may be necessary to reduce the material to a size amenable to further shredding in the fiberglass scrap shredder.

Here is video to show a light duty fiberglass scrap crusher to crushing the fiberglass scrap.