Waste Shredder

Waste Shredder-A size reduction machine

Waste Shredder is a size reduction machine that tears up objects into smaller pieces of wide range of material, which is commonly used for coarse crushing,  the final flakes size is at least above 10mm or more.

Some times shredder may refer to paper shredder which are applictated in the office, but for a widely use, shredders are always metioned in the industrial area as industrial shredders. Shredders come in many different variations and sizes, which can be equipped with different types of cutting systems: single-shaft(see as the picture), two-shaft, three-shaft and four-shaft cutting systems. These shredders are all slow-speed systems, in contrast to grinder or hammer mills which are generally high-speed systems.

Wide applications

Waste Shredders are designed for wide range of material and have wide applications. Some examples of materials that are commonly shredded are: wood, plastics, metals, tires, car wrecks and garbage, etc. So, in the plastic indsutry, shredder can be named plastic shredder. This kind of shredder is applied to crush various soft,hard materials shaped in strip,lup or sphericity into granules for recycling, so as to increase the availability ratio of the plastic meterials. That is why so many shredders name in front of us, such as: metal shredder, plastic shredder, organic waste shredder, etc. because they are wide applications.


However, no matter they are large or small and regardless of who makes it, where they are applicated,  all of these kind of shredders consists of three basic sections: the infeed where material is introduced, the cutting chamber where size reduction occurs, and the take-away section where shred is collected or discharged. The different is they are customizable for different applications. That is shredder –  size reduction machine, wide applications and customizable.

waste shredder