Waste Fabric Shredder

Waste Fabric Shredder

Waste fabric recycling is extremely challenging with high handling and transportation costs due to a high volume to weight ratio.  The shredded waste fabric can take as RDF material(Refuse derived fuel).

Now HARDEN can supply good quality waste fabric shredders for waste fabric size reduce at lower prices.

Waste fabric shredder, model TS6120, motor power 75 kw. This model is engineered for shredding waste fabric or waste textile with powerful and high efficiency, the final product is  30 mm in width and 40-70 mm in length. Our waste fabric shredders can be also applied for shredding similar waste. The  throughput is in range of  1000 kg - 1500 kg/hr.

Here is the video our waste fabric shredder working:

If you have no idea, welcome to give us a call to talk about what shredders we make to help you upgrade and process your fabric waste, as we can design the fabric waste shredder to meet your processing requirements.

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