Oil Filter Recycling Line

Oil Filter Recycling

Oil filters recycling line construction is more and more worthwhile as the regulations regarding the containment of scrap motor vehicles increasingly. Also plus the increasing global demand for nonferrous metals and a steady price increase.

Oil filter recycling line’ s basic concept is to shred the oil filter to small flakes,  then magnetically remove the clean metal, collect the oil paper and loose the filter media with a capture design for collecting the loose oil. HARDEN designs and constructs small oil filter recycling line to meet the request of oil filter recycling.

Oil filter recycling line is consisting of the following steps:

1. Shredding the waste oil filter into small flakes
2. Separate all types of ferrous and non ferrous material magnetically
3. Conveying/transporting
4. Compacting the oil paper
5. Collecting the loose oil