High capacity industrial paper waste shredder

Paper waste shredders are even more important in industries subject to government regulation. We are aware of the great responsibility-and we have developed single and doulbe shaft industrial grade paper shredders, offering industrial grade shreddesr that do not only meet the highest standards of security, but are also high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To comply with the strict privacy regulations of HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley, proper disposal of sensitive information is essential, and a reliable shredder is the only way to go.

A large capacity industrial heavy-duty paper shredder can shred from 90 sheets in one pass up to 2400 sheets in one pass. Our heavy-duty industrial cross cut shredders are designed to withstand heavy volumes of shredding and are a great investment. These industrial heavy duty shredding machines will last 15-30 years (if properly maintained).

paper waste shredder