Hazardous waste shredders

Typically, hazardous waste is collected in large size drums, these contaminated drums must be disposed of, which typically reduce them to small pieces in a counter rotating  blades shredders, then burning the shredded pieces by a industrial furnace. Harden Industries Ltd. provide shredder to process hazardous, the shredder is powered by a electrical motor, a hopper ram located above the crushing chamber is activated by a hydraulic piston cylinder to assist to feed the drum into the crushing chamber. Base on the physical and chemical property of hazardous waste, we can provide the sealed hopper and a nitrogen or negative gas blanketing protection system for shredding of highly flammable hazardous waste.  The shredder have the capability to detect a jam condition and automatically reverse direction to clear the jam and then resume normal operation.The shredder is capable of reducing the drum into small sized pieces, preferably approximately 30*80 mm oblong.