Sensitive document shredder

Paper-document & computer hard drive is an important secret
data carrier,safety and efficiency are the absolute concerned
aspect where the shredding andprocessing of these sensitive
documents. We are aware of the great responsibility-and we have
developed single and double shaft industrial paper shredder,
offering industrial shredder that do not only meet the highest
standards of security, but are also high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Company-based data security departments as well as professional
waste management companies-our customers in the fields of paper disposal and data destruction rely on Harden environment technologies when it comes to the safe and efficient destruction and processing of confidential documents, IT lists, engineering drawings, CDs, DVDs, data carriers, disks, mobile drives and files.

Organic Waste Shredder Installations

Organic Waste Shredder Installations

Organic waste shredder installations

Organic Waste Shredder
Model: TS 5140
Location : Shanghai, China
Organic waste shredderinstallations for high volume garden waste shredding and recycling.
Shredding organic waste to small size for manure mixture for fertilizing.