light-duty industrial paper shredder

To accommodate both your shredding needs and your budget, Harden offers different series of high capacity, conveyor-fed shredders. Within each series, we provide a range of options with various motors, shred widths and shredding capacities. These high capacity shredders range in capacity from 300kg up to 15 tons of material per hour.All of these shredders are powerful, rugged, and extremely reliable — precision-made by Harden expert craftsmen, for years of continuous use.

Plant based paper & cardboard shredding

Shredding confidential documents is vital to safeguarding your businesses private information from others. With identity theft on the rise, many government stress the importance of document security, to maintain the privacy of individuals and protect them from financial loss.Harden Industries LTD designs and manufacure plant based paper & cardbaord shredding systmes capable of shred rates up to 10 tons per hour. High torque shear shredding technology ensures a high security particle size for confidetial document destruction.

Harden’s industrial paper & cardboard shredder are rugged, reliable, highly efficient and backed by Harden’s world famous service and support.

Such documents typically include:
Purchase orders
Employee Records
Customer lists
Medical records