Animal Shredder

“we has to shred the sick and dying animal into small pieces, because the whole anmial body are too hard to burn completely when burning them in the incinerator.” Mr. Atthaphon told us the manager who come form a government farm in Thailand.

There are some anmial will dead in the farm form time to time, because of infection, poor care,such as pig,chicken,cattle,sheep. The best way dispoaling is burning them,the virus will be kill comletetly when burning, otherwise, some virus can be spread to human. On other hand, the dead anmial body can be burn as fuel, the anmial body can be burn more efficiently after shredding into small pieces.

We offer our animal shredder to Mr. Atthaphon, the animal shredder can eat the whole anmial body at one time wihtout take out of the bone. Our animal shredder are powerful enough to shredded the big and hard bone together with the whole anmial body