2in1 EPS Shredder

2in1 EPS Shredder

2in1 EPS shredder is an optimum solution for all EPS shaped parts manufacturers, allowing them to reintegrate their missing parts completely back into the production process. The 2in1 EPS shredder adopt dense rotor cutter , cross- cut structure. 2in1 EPS shredder integrate coarse shredder and fine grinder. An efficient coarse shredder firstly reduces the EPS into pieces 30-60 mm, then a fine grinder further reduce these pieces into the desired particle 5-15 mm.


I. Pre-reduced material significantly improves processing in foam grinder, compacting

II. Presses, or extruders. Reduced storage, transport, and disposal costs. Widely use in building material, such as  heat insulation board, firepoof board.

III. More effective Processes in waste management.